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  • This is a file deduplication utility and is equipped with bulk name management options as well. The limitations are mentioned below, and this requires .NET 3.5 or Mono to run.

Who is it for
  • Anyone who may have a large volume of duplicate flies, or a small volume of really big duplicate files which would make manual cleaning difficult or tedious.
  • Anyone who heavily relies on name-based sorting for a large batch of files crossing directories (For example, sorting by file name in WMP11).

Support this project
  • Light-weight and deploy able on any .NET 3.5 system. Uses minimal RAM (15-40mb in my dry runs).
  • Deduplication scanner
    • Creates a list of duplicated files and provide the option to delete the duplications or open their file folder to manage it further.
    • File parser will only parse first 2mb of files (excluding document files where revisions may only change small portions of data in virtually any part of the file) in order to hasten the scanning progress.
      • File extensions to be fully scanned can be controlled in the deduplication options tab.
    • Will not scan 0 byte files -- prevents a lot of 'duplicates' showing up which may be placeholder files intentionally left by other programs.
    • Skips .sys files by default.
      • Other extensions may be added (and .sys can be removed) from this list.
    • Skips the following directories: "$Recycle.Bin", "Windows", "Program Files", "AppData", "Temp","ProgramData","cygwin","Application Data" by default.
      • These directories can be changed on the deduplication options tab.
      • These directories can still have specific sub-folders selected to be scanned, but these root folders tend to collect dupe files for valid reasons.
    • Options in short scanning allow the scanning of last two megabytes (in addition to the first 2mb or exclusively) of a file greater than 2mb in size.
      • So that split files will not show as dupes among other issues that could occur from doing a scan of the first 2mb of the file only.
    • Thread priority slider for deduplication scan
    • Allows for bulk deletion of duplicate files in two different fashions. Please right-click on the list boxes for these options.
  • Bulk File Move
    • This will allow the user to select a directory to scan through (including, optionally, subdirectories).
    • Then the user will select a directory that all the files that "match" the "Move if" rules will be moved into.
    • The four "Move if" rules are: Filename contains, Extension contains, Directory name contains, and a Regex input (allowing virtually any rule to be created).
      • If no rule is selected, a dialogue box will appear asking if you wish all files to be moved.
    • A checkbox exists that will make the application attempt to delete directories that are empty after the move.
  • Secure file deletion capable of recursing through folders
  • Zero byte file/empty directory finder
  • Bulk replacement of text in file names, directory names or within the file data.
    • Optional RegEx replacement.
    • In-file replacement has a selectable size cut-off range between 2-600MB (Currently won't replace files larger than that due to RAM usage; feel free to download the source and bump that property if you need to).
      • Will eventually be making it properly replace without having to spool the whole file
  • Bulk removal of text in file names, directory names
  • Bulk prefixing of text in file names, directory names
  • Error log for displaying exceptions
  • File splitter/joiner

If there are other suggestions or features you would like to see implemented, please use the discussion tab above.

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